Young Farmer Business Program training and leadership grant

The NSW Department of Primary Industries Young Farmer Business Program is offering grants of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) to eligible groups across NSW.

The Group’s Vault will provide grants to groups who support young farmers and fishers to undertake training related to business and leadership development. Examples of projects include (but are not limited to) farm tours, commercial fishing business tours, workshops, events, business skills coaching, training and guest speakers.

Grants can be provided to formal and informal groups with a minimum of three members, locally or regionally located in NSW. The funds must be used for a project to develop the business and leadership skills of members.

A grant of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) is available per eligible group and multiple applications will be considered from a single group with the total amount payable being $10,000 per group.

Activities should be targeting at least one of the following outcomes for young farmers and fishers:

  • knowledge and skills to improve social and business resilience;
  • knowledge and skills to manage risk;
  • knowledge and skills to execute effective plans;
  • knowledge and skills to make decisions that ensure the viability of their agricultural/fishing businesses;
  • access to new business ideas, tools and techniques; AND/OR
    connect to other farmers/fishers and opportunities that enable entry and/or expansion of agricultural/fishing businesses.

Application forms can be found here. 

For more information or to apply please click on this link.