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Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)

Regional Development Australia Central West (RDACW) is working in partnership with the NSW Department of Industry to deliver the 489 Program in NSW for the Central West Region.

RDA Central West has developed a list of eligible occupations for the 489 Program and in accordance with the State partnership can select and nominate candidates with the required skills and eligibility as listed in the Central West Skills Occupation List for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa subclass 489.

RDA Central West Skills Occupation list July 2018


IMPORTANT: CLOSED Occupations (due to maximum number received) will be posted here with the date of closure. No applications will be accepted post the closure date.

ALL OCCUPATIONS ON THE OCCUPATION LIST ARE NOW CLOSED as at the 21st August 2018 at 10:00 am.

221111 Accountant (General) – CLOSED AS OF 6:30 PM 20/08/2018

221112 Management Accountant – CLOSED AS OF 6:30 PM 20/08/2018


IMPORTANT: Applicants that have registered and paid BEFORE
the above stated closing dates and times for the Central West Skills Occupations List HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED for processing. Please email your application through with supporting documents as per the information provided below on this webpage. 

RDACW will confirm receipt of your application by email over the coming weeks.

RDACW has temporarily closed all occupations due to the large amount of applications received.  Future updates will be posted here.

2nd October 2018 update: RDACW are currently collating all emailed applications and confirming receipt via email.  Due to the large number of applications received there are delays in confirming receipt and processing.  

RDACW full processing and assessment time for applications will be extended to the 6th November 2018.  All 489 visa applications received prior to the closure date will be notified if successful or unsuccessful.

6th November 2018 update: Visa applications are currently being assessed over the next two weeks.  All applicants will be notified by email from RDACW of the assessment outcome as applications are assessed.
Note: Applicants using a Migration Agency will receive notification to their email as well as the representing Migration Agent.

21st November 2018 update: Assessment of visa applications are ongoing. 
All applicants will be notified by email from RDACW of assessment outcomes.

The Central West Skills Occupation List will remain closed for review until 31st January 2019.   Further updates will be posted.

19th December 2018 update:  RDACW are reviewing the Central West Skills Occupation List for 2019.  RDACW will be reviewing procedural assessment of the Skilled Regional (provisional) 489 Visa for 2019.

The Central West Skills Occupation List will re-open in March 2019.  The list and all criteria for applying will be up-loaded to the website in March 2019.

For a map of the RDA Central West region go to RDACW region map.

1. Visa Eligibility Checklist for submitting an application for NSW nomination to RDA Central West

Visa Eligibility

  • Visa applicants must be under the age of 45 years
  • Must be willing to work and live in a regional area
  • Have the skills and required skill assessments for an occupation on the Central West Skills Occupation list
  • Must have a SkillSelect EOI Number (submit an expression of interest (EOI) through SkillSelect with the Department of Home Affairs)
  • Meet the points required for the visa by the Department of Home Affairs of 65 points (55 points plus 10 points from State/Territory sponsorship)
  • Have competent English.  Current English Language Test IELTS or equivalent.  IELTS score with a minimum of 6 in each of the four components of the test (unless otherwise stated in the criteria on the Skills Occupation List).

Check your eligibility for the Skilled Regional Visa subclass 489 by checking all criteria on the following websites:

NSW Department of Industry (State sponsorship requirements only)

Department of Home Affairs (all visa requirements (checklist) inclusive of skill assessment authorities and process for Expression of Interest and invitation)

2. Get your SkillSelect EOI Number – click on the link below:

SkillSelect expression of interest (Department of Home Affairs Website)

IMPORTANT: It is the applicant’s responsibility to check they are eligible for the Skilled Regional 489 Visa. Please make sure you check the above links for all the visa information and submit a SkillSelect expression of interest before applying to RDA Central West for regional selection.
RDACW can only consider those eligible for the visa with the requirements listed above and if the correct supporting documents are received.
It is at RDACW’s discretion as to whether applications for NSW Nomination are selected and nominated for State sponsorship or not.

3. Submitting an application to RDACW

Download the NSW Nomination Application Form R

NSW Regional Nomination Application_Form R (Word File)

NSW Regional Nomination Application_Form R (PDF File)

Supporting Documentation required for assessment:

  • Copy of Dept of Home Affairs SkillSelect EOI summary document with EOI Number – must complete SkillSelect EOI prior to applying to RDACW.
  • Current Resume/CV

Certified copies required of the following documents:

  • Skill assessment certificate/s (approved skill assessment organisation in Australia and or NSW)
  • Evidence of work experience (if required in RDACW occupation listing and/or where claiming points for work experience): Copy of Employment references and duty statement/s. Evidence of work experience in Australia and Overseas accepted.
  • Educational qualifications and academic transcripts
  • Passport of applicants and family members included in application
  • English Language Test results (IELTS or equivalent). IELTS score of 6 across all four components (standard) (must be less than three years old)
  • Migration Agents must submit a 956 form to RDACW with application.

NOTE: Certified documents must be of high quality colour or clear to read and be certified copies of the original documents (do not send original documents). Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation by an accredited translator (NAATI). Non-accredited translators overseas should be endorsed by the translator.

Submit the 489 visa Form R and supporting documents by Email.

Email: admin@rdacentralwest.org.au

Requirements for Emailing:
Email size – maximum of 10Mb’s per email (do not exceed this limit).
Email ‘Subject’ text – Type the following information into the ‘Subject’ space for each email: 489 Visa, applicants name, SkillSelect EOI Number, the number of each email if multiple emails are required; for example 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3.

Attachment of documents – PDF files preferred or word documents

RDACW processing time

6 weeks (up to 8 weeks)

NOTE: RDACW has just commenced offering the Skilled Regional Visa subclass 489 in the Central West so please allow for delays in responding to your application.

Processing time may be extended up to 8 weeks initially.

Your application will take time to process so please assist RDACW by not contacting the office requesting updates on your application. You will be contacted by email as part of our assessment process.  RDACW will not be interviewing applicants.  If you wish to discuss your application please send an email with your contact details, your questions and RDACW will email you as soon as possible or phone you to discuss.

4. RDACW Processing Fee

NO applications or payments are being accepted currently.  All occupations are CLOSED.

A standard non-refundable processing fee of $770 applies to all applications.

A Quick Checklist for applying to RDACW

  1. Visa Eligibility
  2. Get your SkillSelect EOI Number
  3. Email Form R and supporting documents to RDACW admin@rdacentralwest.org.au
  4. Register and Pay process fee with PayPal (Note: You will need your SkillSelect EOI Number to Register and Pay)