The inaugural STEM Awards 2019 for regional NSW – showcase Central West schools’ winning approach to learning

Students across the Central West region have been given a significant opportunity to showcase their excellence in STEM-based learning gained during 2019. Schools have been invited to submit either existing projects they have worked on during the year, or if they feel inspired, they can submit totally new projects for consideration in the inaugural SISP STEM Awards.

Through RDA Central West, the local region has been participating in the NSW Department of Education, STEM Industry in School Partnerships (SISP) since mid-2018. The program has thrived in Central West schools, encouraging participation of students in activities that sharpen skills in a broad range of STEM disciplines.

RDA Central West CEO Sam Harma said the SISP program has empowered students and their teachers to develop a solution focused approach to learning and to innovate through collaboration.

Mr Harma said “The SISP program gives educators and students in our public schools a unique platform for learning and resolving challenges with local industry applications through this future driven program.

“Local students and teachers are rightly excited by this opportunity for recognition. The Awards will give all participants a chance to showcase their learning development and capabilities and to be acknowledged by their peers and community.”

Award entries will be accepted from projects Science, Technology, Mathematics, Electronics, Robotics, Industrial and Engineering Technology, Mandatory Technology, Food and Textiles, Graphics, Information and Software Technology, Marine and Aquaculture Sciences and Agricultural Technology. There is also a category that rewards diversity and accessibility in STEM.

Mr Harma emphasised that the SISP philosophy is about building skills for lifelong learning.

“Preparing a project for an innovative submission to these important Awards not only sharpens the skills of developing a solution to a problem but also builds students’ creative and inquisitive mindsets which will serve them well beyond their school years.

“The program has had exceptional buy-in from local industry, business, schools and the community because STEM skills will continue to be a vital component of the capability mix needed by the Central West to continue to thrive and prosper in the future.

“We are all looking forward to supporting our students and teachers in their submission development and to seeing some top-shelf entries to the Awards,” Mr Harma said.

The SISP STEM Awards are now open at: and close on Monday 18 November 2019 at 5pm. Further information about the submission process can also be found here.

For further details about the Awards, participating schools can contact STEM Industry Liaison Officer, Rebecca Taylor at RDA Central West: e.  t. 02 6369 1600.