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Central West NSW region

Regional Plan

Charter for RDA Committees

RDA Committees will operate under a new Charter to strengthen their work following an Australian Government review of the RDA program in August 2017.

Strategic Framework and Priorities 2017-2020 

This Strategic Framework for Regional Development Priorities 2017-2020 has been developed for, and in conjunction with, NSW Central West community groups, not-for-profit’s, businesses and all three levels of Government to outline the priorities for sustainable economic development across the region.

The Framework has been developed as a clear guide of the activities that will be undertaken and supported by RDA Central West from 2017-2020. The Framework may also assist regional stakeholders in the development of strategic plans and funding applications. 

Regional Development Australia Central West , Regional Planning Framework











Click here to (pdf) download the RDA Central West – Regional Planning Framework 2017-2020