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Infrastructure Priorities

Identifying priority infrastructure requirements for the region is key to building a stronger Orange Health Service-signageeconomy. Infrastructure enables communities and businesses to realise opportunities for improved productivity and growth. Ensuring that we have well designed infrastructure with sufficient capacity and flexibility to support the needs of a growing population is an important part of the work that we do at RDA Central West.

Our mission is to collaborate with other regional stakeholders to identify the key projects and initiatives that will “future proof” the sustainability of our communities. We are also committed to providing all levels of Government with the information they need to support candidate projects with the most merit, that is, those most likely to represent good value for money and deliver economic returns on their investment.

RDA Central West has been working closely with Central Councils NSW to identify and validate key infrastructure priorities for the region. Our water infrastructure priorities have been developed and we are well advanced for those in relation to transport, logistics and freight.  We frequently review priorities in other infrastructure categories as well, such as telecommunications, education, health, energy, sporting and cultural facilities.

Our approach, as far as possible, is to engage with regional stakeholders to ensure we are well Orange Airport terminalinformed and have a good understanding on what regional stakeholders see as the priority issues. We are always eager to get a wide range of regional views and perspectives, and would encourage you to contact us to discuss what you see as priorities for the region as well as projects you may be working on. We will be more than happy to discuss your project and priorities with you as well as offer guidance and assistance where we can through initiatives such as the National Stronger Regions Fund and other funding programmes.