Regional Development Australia Central West has released an updated Strategic Framework outlining the key objectives the organisation is focussed on delivering to ensure a stronger local region.

Regional competitiveness, human capital, sustainable communities, connectivity and partnerships are the five core areas RDA Central West is committed to upholding for the communities of the Central West.

RDA Central West CEO, Sam Harma said the updated strategic framework lays the foundation for the continued prosperity of the Central West.

“Our mission is to promote new thinking and partnerships across government, industry and community to realise the region’s vision and economic potential,” said Mr Harma.

“Our success relies on a unified, diverse, innovative, liveable, inclusive and connected region and the five guiding principles set out in the strategic framework provide a roadmap on how to achieve this.

“Firstly, our organisation has demonstrated regional competitiveness through the continued advocacy for regional infrastructure through various submissions and enquiries and by working with the key decision makers on all levels of government throughout this process.

“Human capital is all about training and education that prepares the local workforce for jobs of the future and our inaugural TEN4TEN Leadership Dialogue is a fantastic example of this and equally is the STEM Industry School Partnership (SISP) Program.”

Mr Harma added that RDA Central West’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is a great resource produced by the organisation that also aligns with the human capital objective set out in the strategic framework, as is their involvement in the local Innovation Group based in Orange.

RDA Central West is also dedicated to building sustainable communities and a region growing in population that is admired for its quality of life.

“Here at RDA Central West we are continually looking at how we can ensure our communities remain sustainable and one of the ways in which we have done this is through a series of events and webinars aimed at supporting small businesses. We have covered a number of topics including social media and digital marketing, sales strategies, government initiatives, succession planning, skilled migration visas and REMPLAN.

“Complimenting this is our work in skilled migration as a Regional Certifying Body for the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) (SESR) Visa (Subclass 494) Program in the Central West region.

“The employment of a Grants and Events Officer at RDA Central West and RDA Central West’s direct access to the REMPLAN data analysis tool adds another avenue of support for our communities.”

Connectivity remains a major focus of RDA Central West as set out in the Strategic Framework and at its core is the belief that the region requires stronger transport and information technology highways connecting its people and businesses to the state, country and the rest of the world.

A region united through genuine collaboration and partnerships between the private sector and the three tiers of government is the final factor of the new Strategic Framework and CEO, Sam Harma adds that the organisation has forged a number of proactive working relationships.

RDA Central West has a memorandum of understanding with the Central NSW Joint Organisation and we play a pivotal role in the regular Economic Development Managers meetings. Similarly, RDA Central West has a memorandum of understanding with Bathurst’s Regional Startup Hub, enforcing our will to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

“RDA is focussed on maintaining our role as a go-to organisation for regional development advice, project support and business development across the Central West,” explained Mr. Harma.  

“The updated Strategic Framework is a representation of the objectives that guide our work for the communities of the region and the overall vision we are striving for.”


Regional Development Australia Central West is part of a national network of 52 committees (RDAs), which are made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and communities to support the economic development of their regions.

RDA Central West is a not for profit organisation committed to building a stronger Central West region of NSW. Together with regional leader’s RDA Central West aim to drive business growth, new jobs, skills development and business investment across the 11 local government areas of Bathurst, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Lachlan, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange, Parkes and Weddin.