RDA Central West Looking at Future Skills Needs

Regional Development Australia Central West has launched an important ‘Future Skills Survey’ to assess current and future workforce demands and identify potential and existing gaps across the region.

The survey is a call to action for local businesses to help RDA Central West better understand the skill requirements of specific industries and locations, and highlight any areas that require stronger advocacy.

RDA Central West CEO, Sam Harma said if businesses are equipped with the right skills today, this can lead to the improvement and development of the industries of tomorrow.

“Employees are the backbone of any local business so it is crucial to have the right people with the right expertise,” said Mr Harma.

“In recent months we have witnessed businesses across the Central West adapt and become more resilient in order to stay afloat but we also know that their staff played a major role throughout this period.

“Businesses who have the right mix of skills and people can better plan and invest for the future and we hope that the data gained from the survey will enable us to understand where there are gaps and surpluses in the market. That way we can better plan as local communities and a region as a whole.

“Understanding where there are shortages in specific skills, trades, or professions will also encourage government to pull the leavers at their disposal and in turn assist RDA Central West to advocate for the support and programs we need in the region.”

Skilled migration can be a valuable component of the workforce and it is important that the right skills are brought into the region.  RDA Central West works in partnership with the NSW Department of Industry to deliver the Skilled Work Regional (SC 491) Visa Program for the Central West Region in NSW.  Part of this is the development and review of the Central West Occupation List, with the aim of ensuring that the skills being brought into the region are specific to the needs of our businesses and industries.

Information gathered through the Future Skills Survey will provide a comprehensive base for the review of the 2020/2021 Central West Skills Occupation List and anticipated workforce needs in the area.

The outcomes of the survey will also underpin the planning process and negotiation of a possible Designated Area Migration Agreement for the Central West with the Department of Home Affairs.

The Future Skills Survey is open until Friday, 3 July 2020 and interested businesses and community members can complete the survey by visiting the RDA Central West website at https://rdacentralwest.org.au/

NOTE: All information collected from the Future Skills Survey is kept in line with the RDA Central West privacy policy.