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Business Leaders Breakfast Series

RDA Central West DRD Wayne Sunderland joins business, government and community leaders throughout the region to discuss local priorities, projects and policy issues that matter to the local business community.


17 February 2023

Rachel is joined by Maree Statham, Mayor of Lithgow this episode.


Twice-elected Mayor of Lithgow, Maree tells us all about how the Local Government Area (LGA) of Lithgow is moving on up and how the area is, in her opinion, the most underrated tourism destination in NSW.


Maree has been an actively involved community member for decades, in addition to running her own hair salon and etiquette coaching service for 49 years. Through loss and hardship, umpteen winnings of Fashion on the Field, and many a challenge, Maree has continued to navigate the world of local politics championing a brighter future for locals of the Lithgow LGA.

3 February 2023

Rachel Chippendale catches up with Kellie Evans, co-owner of the Village Voice.


Kellie is co-owner of the Central West’s favourite community newspaper – Village Voice, alongside husband and RDA board member Rich Evans.


This dynamic duo moved from Western Sydney some years ago and has planted roots firmly in the Lithgow / Portland community, establishing a hugely popular free local newspaper for Bathurst and Lithgow LGA’s, which champions all things local.


Kellie is involved in a number of business ventures and community initiatives and tells us all about how the Lithgow LGA is going places and what it’s like to be a tree-changer in this vibrant community.


9 September 2022

Wayne meets Peita and Rob Mages this episode.  The duo started Clever Cookie Academy fours years ago.


They took a leap into business and never looked back – helping students achieve their goals and having a lot of fun along the way.


26 August 2022

RDA Central West director Wayne Sunderland sits down with Orange local fireman Mitch Crump to talk about the business of having a side-business and all the things Mitch loves about our thriving wine region.

12 August 2022

Vicki Seccombe, Regional Manager, Western NSW for Business NSW joins Wayne for a chat this episode.


Vicki is responsible for providing a voice for Western NSW businesses on the issues that are important to them. She also works closely with businesses and local chamber partners to identify key issues and seeking practical policy solutions.


Vicki has over 25 years experience working for professional associations and not-for-profit organisations in membership, events, advocacy and relationship management.

15 July 2022

Wayne Sunderland sits down with incoming Telstra CEO Vicki Brady and finds out more about what it takes to become the leader of Australia’s largest telecommunications company.


In this special-length episode, Vicki tells us about her journey from Holbrook to corporate leader, and more about who she is outside of Telstra.

20 May 2022

Wayne Sunderland talks to Abraham Dearmer, an army commander turned senior private equity professional.
After 15 years in the Australian Army, Abe earned two degrees and has fast climbed the corporate ladder.
During his time with Xenon Partners Abe has been involved in the due diligence of five companies and the acquisition of two, in the exciting world of tech – particularly the software as a service industry.
Abe is currently involved in the management of two Xenon Partners companies with a global customer base and a remotely located team, yet is able to call Bathurst home where he is based.

6 May 2022

Wayne sits down with Kristy Withers this week.  An interiors enthusiast, Kristy founded Incy Interiors in 2011, an Australian owned company specialising in designer baby and children’s furniture, after a long search to find her son Oscar’s first ‘big boy’ bed.


Her regular work-related travels to the US and Europe gave her exposure to the myriad of products and styles on offer elsewhere. Kristy’s frustration, coupled with a gentle push from her husband Simon, to “stop talking about it and just do it!” led to the birth of lncy Interiors, and with that, the launch of high quality designer kids’ furniture in Australia.  Kristy now manages her international business, Sydney-based warehouse and team from the Hive co-working space in Orange.


Prior to starting her business, Kristy spent five years working as a corporate marketing executive for eBay – researching the market, launching new products and developing strategies.

22 April 2022

This week Cr Jason Hamling joins Wayne for a chat. Newly elected as Mayor, Jason has served on the Orange City Council for the past 17 years, including twice as Deputy Mayor. He is the current Chair of the Sporting and Recreation Community Committee and Chair of the Community Crime Prevention Committee.


Jason grew up in Glenroi and has spent his adult life in Orange, making a home with his wife Melissa and three boys. He had a successful career spanning 25 years as a local TV news cameraman, now he is self-employed as a transfer driver for locals and visitors to the Colour City.


He has been involved with numerous community and sporting organisations over the years and holds positions on several committees and Boards. Jason has been instrumental in driving the development of the city’s new $25m sporting precinct at Jack Brabham. He is driven to build an Orange community that has facilities and spaces that promote an inclusive environment for all residents.

8 April 2022

Wayne Sunderland catches up with Paige Wood – owner and founder of The Tin Cupboard, Grenfell, talking about her progress from a bricks and mortar store to online retailer, how supportive small communities are to local businesses and the powerful impact social media can have on reaching more customers.


Paige started The Tin Cupboard after returning from living in England and has since navigated big challenges including the drought and Covid-19.  Throughout Covid-19 Paige says there has been a real shift in the consumer purchase mentality, with shoppers seeking a personal touch and reaching out to friends and family with meaningful gifts and added touches.


Paige praises the power of social media to reach customers outside her community, paying thanks to fellow local business, The Collective, which regularly hosts social media workshops where Paige and her staff come away reenergised and educated on the latest tools to lift The Tin Cupboard’s social media reach.

18 March 2022

In the first episode for 2022 RDA Director Wayne Sunderland sits down with Dr Belinda Mawhinney – social worker, consultant, Churchill Fellow and founder of The Collective Grenfell.


Growing up in Grenfell, Belinda studied social work at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst and then spent two decades working in Sydney before returning to her hometown in 2016.


After completing a doctoral thesis in 2020, she saw a gap to provide a space for remote workers in the area and, in May 2021, The Collective Grenfell,  a co working and event space, opened its doors.


The Collective is just one aspect of Belinda’s business life, and goes hand in hand with her other business, Belinda Mawhinney Consultancy, where she works with individuals, teams and  organisations to enhance the capacity of people through coaching, clinical supervision and education.

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