Landcare Small Farms Small Grants

The Small Farms Small Grants program funds organisations and individuals to do projects that build the ability and willingness of Australia’s farmers, fishers and foresters to adopt best practice natural resource management methods.

This will deliver more sustainable, productive and profitable agriculture, fishing, aquaculture and forestry industries.

Small Grants projects may relate to any form of food and fibre production, including cropping, pasture grazing livestock, dairy, horticulture, mixed farming, forestry, farm forestry, fishing and aquaculture.

Grant applications for a minimum of $5 000 or maximum of $200 000 (GST exclusive) will be considered. A total of $9.2 million is available for Smart Farms Small Grants Round 2.

Industry implementation of best practice also assists Australia to meet its obligations under international treaties including those about climate change, desertification, biological diversity and fish stocks.

The Federal Government’s Smart Farms Small Grants program is a $55 million competitive small grants program over several rounds supporting the adoption of best practices that improves the management and quality of our natural resources and increases on-farm productivity.

Applications close 11th January 2019. 

All projects should be completed within two years of executing a grant agreement.

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