Investing in Women Funding

WomenThe NSW Government is supporting am Investing in Women funding program in 2018, aiming to enhance women’s economic opportunities and leadership in NSW.

The 2018 Investing in Women funding program funds projects that address one or more of the seven program focus areas:

  1. women’s economic opportunity and advancement
  2. equitable workplaces for women and men
  3. women in small business
  4. women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers
  5. women in male-dominated trades
  6. women in leadership roles
  7. leadership pathways for young women

A total of $400,000 is available in this round, across three categories of grant funding:

  • Explore and scope – Up to $25,000 for projects that are at an early stage and organisations are looking to explore and develop a project.
  • Test and grow – Up to $50,000 for projects that have been scoped and investigated and are ready to be tested or projects that have been tested and are showing positive outcomes and seek testing/piloting on a larger scale.
  • Replication and sustainability – Up to $100,000 for projects that have been tested and show strong outcomes, have demonstrated ongoing viability and are looking to be taken to the next level of impact and self-sustainability.

Eligible applicants include Not-for-Profit organisations, Local Councils, Industry bodies and the private sector in partnership with community or government initiatives universities, and entrepreneurs.

In 2017, ten organisations received a grant under the program and these can be viewed via the Women NSW website.

Applications close 22nd April 2018.

For more information visit the Women NSW website or contact 02 9248 0800 or