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Canola field Central West NSW

Central West Skills Project

Central West Education, Skills and IndustryOne of Regional Development Australia’s (RDA) key objectives is to raise awareness of programs and services available to regional communities. It was identified in the RDA Central West Regional Plan that there are opportunities to:

  • Provide adequate local data on industry changes and future skills needs (over 5 years) to inform planning and development of skills programs and initiatives.
  • Assist industries to build capacity to identify needs and develop linkages with education and training providers, support organisations, programs and initiatives.
  • A whole-of-government approach to develop partnerships and collaboration to access expertise and resources.

To support these activities and raise the profile of RDA Central West as a lead organisation in facilitating a whole-of-government response to the skills issue, the Skills Central West Project was established.

Download the Central West Skills Project document.

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