Future of Retail : Discussion Paper

Central West Orana Regional PlanThe NSW Government is currently seeking input to the Discussion Paper ‘ Planning for the Future of Retail’ in order to set new directions for a NSW Retail Strategy, ensuring the strength of the sector into the future.

The Discussion Paper builds on the work of the Independent Retail Expert Advisory Committee as well as targeted stakeholder consultation, and accompanies proposed strategic amendments to five retail land use definitions (as detailed in Proposed Definitions Amendments to the Standard Instrument LEP – Better planning for the NSW retail sector, which is currently on exhibition).

It identifies the ways in which customer trends are shaping retail today and proposes new initiatives aimed at modernising our retail planning framework and achieving the right balance of customer and community amenity.

Have Your Say on the Discussion Paper by making a submission here.

Submissions close Friday 18 May 2018.

For more information visit the NSW Department of Planning website or call 1300 305 695.