Financing and Pit Falls of Startups Workshop, Orange

Orange Tech and Entrepreneur Start-Up Group will hold a panel Q&A session in Orange on the 23rd October as a part of NSW Small Business Month.

The discussion will focus on the topic of Financing and Pit Falls of Startups and will include a diverse panel, with an extensive exposure to startups, marketing, financing, and business models.

James Triggs, Expert in Residence for the Bathurst Upstairs Incubator  will lead the nights discussion from a personal and professional level of experience in the start-up ecosystem.

He will be joined by four (4) panelists with unique experiences and stories to tell of the Do’s and Dont’s of Startups. These people include Zoe Hida, Andrew Logan, Olympia Yarger and Hayley Barrett.

This event will take place at 6:00PM on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at the Orange Ex Services Club, 231-243 Anson Street, Orange.

This event is free. 

For Bookings or more information please click on this link.