Call out for local air conditioner providers/installers

The NSW Government is seeking local air-conditioner suppliers/installers to register with the Department of Environment and Heritage, to assist in its 18 month airconditioner installation discount program. Approval is simple and can be done online here. 

Currently there are not enough local registered installers/suppliers to enable this discount to work in the way the Government specifies. So if you would like to share or forward this information to any businesses that fit this description please feel free.


Once the region has enough registered providers the discount  will apply when a high-efficiency air conditioner is purchased through an approved installer. Systems can be new or replacement and split, ducted or multi-split systems that meet the criteria are eligible.

The discounts are funded by the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund initiative and will give households and small businesses $200 – $1000 off the air conditioner installation price.

All households and small businesses that are eligible for the program can contact an approved installer through the Energy Saver website

For more information can be found here.