CWA of NSW Drought Aid

Silos, Farm Innovation Fund

Silos, Farm Innovation FundThe CWA is offering financial assistance to help drought affected families meet household expenses. Up to a maximum of $3,000 per family/household, is available to eligible applicants. Expenses can include grocery bills, vehicle maintenance, school, electricity, rates, telephone, dental and medical (gap payments or cost of travel to access treatment) etc. For expenses that are current and/or outstanding.

Applicants must live in an area classified as being in ‘drought’. To discover if you are in a ‘drought’ area according to the DPI Combined Drought Indicator go to

This link will show you the application criteria.

Download a printable version of the form here.  You can find more details on the CWA of NSW site or contact the CWA on 02 8337 0210 –  email

This grant will remain open until funds are exhausted.  The closure date will be announced on the CWA Of NSW website.